e-Pim lights the way for Hamilton’s ETIM Classification . . .

30th Jul, 2019
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e-Pim lights the way for Hamilton’s ETIM Classification . . .

Hamilton Litestat is a British electrical products and solutions provider specialising in the design, development and manufacture of innovative high quality electrical accessories.

With an extensive product range spanning consumer units, decorative switch plates and sockets, lighting control and multi-room audio, they really are ‘the place to go’ for all domestic wiring requirements.

Hamilton’s selection of decorative switch plates and socket designs are widely used by the hotel interiors industry, including smart lighting control and multi-room audio systems. All designed for ease of use and to enhance the hotel experience.

Hamilton are currently working with data experts NG15 Ltd to help translate their product information into ETIM classification and the correct technical English for use in the UK.

In 2018, Hamilton’s began using e-Pim (NG15’s multi-channel product data management system), helping them to reduce time-to-market for their catalogue publication by up to fifty percent, whilst also significantly reducing cost and production time. All of Hamilton’s data and assets are now located in one centralised location and can be accessed via any web-based device.

Shaun Cranstone, Managing Director for NG15 commented: “With the addition of our ‘ETIM Classification Module’, Hamilton will be able to streamline the ETIM translation process by quickly and easily classifying products, using a series of automated check boxes available within the e-Pim system.

NG15 are also in the process of developing the new Hamilton website. e-Pim will automatically feed ETIM product data directly to the website where it will be available to download as datasheets. The advantage being that customers within the electrical installation supply chain, will have access to much better technical product information and Hamilton will be data-fit for the future. The website will also include a ‘product configurator’ allowing users to quickly view different product attribute combinations.

Gavin Williams, Head of Marketing for Hamilton said: “At present, many manufacturers and distributors in the UK still use their own standards and structures to capture and publish technical product data with no central repository, meaning that data can differ greatly, potentially leading to specification errors and incorrect orders. Our recent decision to develop a new website, gave us the perfect opportunity to get to grips with ETIM classification and to bring our online business in-line with the UK common standard”.

ETIM is fast becoming part of the UK electrical industry's vocabulary and creating an end-to-end customer experience and a ‘common product language’, increasingly important. Having the correct data will drive customer acquisition, incremental sales and contribute towards increasing the lifetime value of a customer.

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