Fegime collaborates with multi-channel digital experts NG15 for ETIM Classification

5th Aug, 2019
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Fegime collaborates with multi-channel digital experts NG15 for ETIM Classification

Fegime UK (formally Associated Electrical Distributors)one the longest established buying group in the UK have joined forces with NG15 Ltd, to help streamline the translation of ETIM classification into correct technical English for use in the UK.

With the Electrical Distributors' Association’s (EDA) launch of ETIM-UK just over a year ago, the electrical industry is now set for a period of exciting ‘data’ transformation.

ETIM is an international classification standard for technical products, offering a multi-lingual structure for product data and has been adopted by a range of industries including construction, shipbuilding, plumbing, heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) and, of course, the electrical sector.

The UK electrical industry in particular uses vast amounts of product data, much of which is surprisingly still processed using Microsoft Excel or even manually.

Alan Reynolds Chief Executive for Fegime said: ‘With product data quality becoming significantly more important, businesses will need to find very efficient methods to manage their information and ETIM classification. That is why we are teaming up with NG15 and use of their e-Pim system (multi-channel publishing system), to help us streamline the conversion of our product data to the ETIM standard”.

Fegime’s product data, images and catalogues are already managed in e-Pim and our Fegime Group Members will be soon have ‘free access’ to this data so they can create datasheets, selling sheets, websites and other digitalised marketing initiatives, the big advantage being that all data will be centralised, accurate and consistent.

Through e-Pim, Ng15 have been able to significantly reduce time-to-market for the Fegime Main Catalogue, the Lighting Catalogue and Fegime Group Member re-branded catalogues by up to fifty percent, saving greatly on production time and money.

Shaun Cranstone, Managing Director for NG15 commented: “With the introduction of ETIM, the issue for many of our customers will be the amount of time it takes to tackle the product translations. We have introduced the ETIM classification module to our e-Pim platform, so our customers can streamline this process by quickly and easily classifying their products.We appreciate that many organisations may view this as initially rather tedious, but the general consensus is that this short-term pain will deliver the long-term gain of improved efficiency in the supply chain”.

ETIM is fast becoming part of the UK electrical industry's vocabulary and creating an end-to-end customer experience and a common product language increasingly important. Having the correct data will drive customer acquisition, incremental sales and contribute towards increasing the lifetime value of a customer.

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