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What is ETIM and why does it matter for electrical manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers?

ETIM (European Technical Information Model) is a worldwide ‘classification standard’ for describing and sharing technical product information and is currently used in the electrical and HVAC sector.

The idea behind it is to make sure that there are no ambiguities or misunderstandings when it comes to sharing the important technical characteristics of products (which, if miscommunicated, misunderstood, or misrepresented), could cause some serious issues in the supply chain.

Most of the major electrical and climate control engineering companies, such as Sylvania Lighting, GE, Delta Dore, Hager, Atlantic, Aldes, Müller, Schneider Electric, Philips and Sonepar and Hamilton Litestat are already using the ETIM standard. In a nutshell, ETIM removes inefficiency in the supply chain and makes it easier for manufacturers to provide ‘consistent’ product specifications and recommendations. It ensures that all users of product data are using the ‘same terms’ to describe the same attributes and values.

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