Product Information Management

Drowning in product data complexities?

Let e-Pim relieve you of the data management struggle with a single centralised solution

Multi-Channel Publishing

All in one solution for print to web

From Data Sheets and Catalogues to Websites & E-Commerce, multi-channel publishing has never been so efficient

E T I M Module Integration

Future proof
data with ETIM

Conform your data through e-Pim, to the internationally recognised classification standard; European Technical Information Model (ETIM)

DAM is an effective solution for companies to store, organise, find, retrieve and share digital content. Quick to deploy and easy-to-use, a centralised digital library provides employees, clients, contractors and any other key stakeholders controlled access to digital assets, including images, photos, creative files, presentations, documents and more. Without a company-wide digital asset strategy, departments will struggle to scale and maintain brand consistency. Our e-Pim system allows you to create a ‘central library of assets’ related to a product. It acts as the hub to reference old assets, share current assets and inspire new assets.

  • Anytime, anywhere file sharing (24/7 access)
  • Simple and straightforward organisation
  • Collaborate and share company content from one place
  • Automate manual tasks
  • Find files fast
  • Deliver a consistent brand the right way

e-Pim allows users to easily create and preview pages for both web and print.

Our page production web interface provides the tools to drive product selection and page planning. Product choices can be simply dragged and dropped into basic positions on the page.

Templates can be created for initial styling such as image, table creation and font size/style to automatically create a basic design. Our designers use their skills and creativity to modify the layout to better suit the publication, without the hassle of having to gather information. This can shorten production schedules, leading to increased speed to market and the ability to produce an extended range of publications.

Our automated pricing update facility offers a competitive advantage. At the click of a button we can insert your most current pricing structure into any publication allowing you the flexibility to react to any last minute changes in the market.

The e-Pim system also offers significant time saving with the facility to automatically create an index of your catalogue pages. For example, these can be part number, alpha-numeric, vendor or cross-reference indexes.

Information can be edited directly in the DTP document and any changes are instantly reflected back to the data source.

Catalogue Pages have Direct Links to the Database

Unique links on the catalogue pages have a dynamic update function so all amends are captured in the database. This is a bi-directional function. Images, icons and logos are also linked.

e-Pim provides an “Online Translation Management Portal” which allows complete access and management of the Translation process with online tools that manage the process from translation, localisation and page production, along with a translation service if required.

  •  XLIFF based tooling
  •  Localisation workflow automation
  •  Translation memory management
  •  Online and off line translation tools
  •  Translation memory server
  •  LINK up to your translation service provider

Our e-commerce system can be fully integrated into our e-Pim platform giving you total control over both print and online content.

Our e-Pim system provides sophisticated, synchronised data input and output capabilities in order to populate your website with rich product information. The data can be fed on a scheduled basis or automatically when approval is reached in your workflow.

Our system has a modern, open architecture which means it can link seamlessly to your in-house systems.

Our e-commerce system is an advanced online solution, offering you a whole set of advanced tools to help set up and manage your online content. We offer a complete online solution that is comprehensive as well as flexible.

The software is designed and developed by our own team under the supervision of some highly experienced e-commerce specialists, with over 15 year’s experience in the industry.

e-Pim can drive your existing commerce website or we can build a new solution tailored to your specific requirements.