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E T I M Module Integration

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Conform your data through e-Pim, to the internationally recognised classification standard; European Technical Information Model (ETIM)


Product Information Publishing

B2B and B2C clients expect to be able to allow their customers to view and purchase products through a number of different channels. This raises a number of challenges; not least in ensuring a consistent message across various channels such as the internet, direct mail and catalogues. Often this multi-channel approach requires information and assets to be pulled from multiple sources.

Keeping product information current and consistent all year round is a major task for most companies. Usually, the same information is stored in a number of different locations with a variety of individuals responsible for its use and update. Ensuring that each entry is updated can prove to be very costly and time consuming.

The solution to this problem is a product information publishing system.

The system is built around the following cornerstones:

  • Product Information Management
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Workflow
  • Page Production
  • E-commerce
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e-Pim brings product information management services to clients across the UK.
Our system helps you manage the complexities of your offline and online content, with the flexibility to publish your information in every format.
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Product Information Management

The e-Pim system allows you to create a central repository for your product information, allocating it into groups and categories. You can then assign attributes to the products and groups so that each item has a number of pieces of information associated with it, e.g. images, logos, prices etc. In short, it is a “central” store where product information is managed, to ensure consistent and accurate communication across all publishing channels, thus the need for multiple re-keying when product information changes is eliminated. This saves time and ensures consistency in print and online data.

This gives the ability to respond faster to changing markets and offers the opportunity to produce a wider range of communications, with the same resource levels.

This system is ideal for helping to resolve a number of business issues such as:

  • Holding data for a large number of products/variants
  • The need to publish in a number of versions/languages
  • Quick turnaround of new publications
  • Collaboration between marketing, product management and publishing teams

What this means for you:

  • Publication time-to-market reduced by up to 50%
  • Content accurate and up-to-date, along with productivity and cost savings
  • 24/7 access to your marketing information

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Why Choose e-Pim?

Below is a list of just a few of the many benefits that our system can have on your workflow:

A single centralised data system for product data and image assets Thousands of unique pages produced every year through our solution
Better control over content distribution Significantly reduces time-to-market Delivers a consistent brand and customer experience
Easy integration with other business internal systems Translates to any language

Software Development

We are able to offer bespoke software development to clients for Product Information Management.

We are able to offer advice on the design and Build of client databases along with the following:

  • Data Auditing/Acquisition
  • Database Structure/Design
  • Asset Auditing/Acquisition
  • System/Interface Development Build
  • API Build, System Integration (ERP)
  • Application Development

Business Compatibility

Our e-Pim system architecture is compatible with all information systems and can easily be integrated into and updated by your current system. Our team will work with you to map out your current process, ensuring that we fully understand your dataflow. We then analyse your business needs to identify how the system can best support you and help your business grow. The database is then structured to ensure it will help you to fulfill those specific needs.

Your existing product data may be held in a number of places and formats. You can co-ordinate this data or alternatively we can carry out data inputting on your behalf. We then work together to categorise the data to create a unique product hierarchy for your database.

e-Pim has a modern open architecture, allowing you to link seamlessly to your in-house systems.

For example, you could pull data directly from your in-house system and publish in both print and electronic promotions. You can then track the effectiveness of your publications and ensure that you are featuring your top selling products in the most appropriate way.

What this means for you:

  • Time-to-market reduced by up to 50%
  • Accurate and up-to-date content
  • Major productivity and cost saving
  • Information easily available across the business
  • New promotional opportunities created
  • Brand consistency across all channels

Design and Development

Database Design and Development

Are you limited by spreadsheets?
Could you be working more efficiently? 
Is your Data up to date?

We can provide custom database design and development which optimises performance and provides data integrity and security. We have the technical ability and business understanding to ensure your bespoke database is tailored to your specific needs and fully integrated with existing applications. With knowledge of most major platforms and operating systems we help our clients achieve efficiency savings using MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server and ORACLE - and we support many others. You will have visibility at every stage of the project and our well-practised quality processes give you reassurance that your project will be delivered on time and within budget.

Web Application Development

Do you have a need for multiple users across 
your business to access a database system?

An optimised web based solution, such as a web portal, e-commerce application or data management system, can help you improve business performance and enhance the user experience across all levels of your business. Whether you require a flexible application which takes advantage of mobile optimisation or cloud-based technologies, or need an application which will integrate with existing systems or data, we have the expertise to help you.