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We are NG15

Proud developers of e-Pim

About Us

NG15 are a digital agency specialising in product information management (PIM), ecommerce, online catalogues and publications.

Our multi-channel product information management system called e-Pim, has been specifically developed for use within the electrical and construction market, helping businesses to centralise their product information and digital assets, ready for output and sharing across a range of distribution channels.

We work with businesses who understand the ‘true value’ of their product information, the competitive advantage to be gained and the ever-increasing importance of embracing digitalisation.

Through e-Pim, we are able to help our customers establish complete product data control, market and simplify data management, digital assets and workflow processes. As well as having an attractive interface it is an intuitive solution to use. e-Pim gives you the flexibility to grow your digital marketplace, get your products out to market faster and make life much easier for your team.

“NG15 are not just another PIM provider, we are your strategic partner with an invested interest in delivering solutions that align to your business objectives.”

e-Pim helps the electrical and construction industry to
deliver accurate product content to market faster

Vision Statement

Our vision is to provide the most flexible, user friendly product information management system (PIM) to the electrical and construction market.

Our Journey

We are passionate about product data and believe that product content should be at the core of a great customer experience.

Many years of working with electrical catalogue data along with some of the leading electrical and construction brands, has led us to become known as one of the leading experts in Digital Communication and Product Information Management.

Having used a variety of content management software solutions for catalogue production and experiencing some of the common shortcomings, we decided to take a gigantic step forward and developed our own multi-channel PIM system (e-Pim), specifically for use within the electrical and construction market.

Through e-Pim, we are able to help our customers market and simplify data management, digital assets and workflow processes.

Mission Statement

Our aim is to help the electrical and construction industry to embrace digitalisation.

Proud developers of

We are continually developing and improving.

Our e-Pim system combines smart SaaS with cloud-based technology, giving our customers a powerful and intuitive product information management (PIM) platform. Most importantly, e-Pim allows its users to create a much richer, customer shopping experience.

Our People

Our team are friendly, open and completely future-focused, providing a whole host of services and solutions to support our ever-growing client base.

Originally a design and marketing agency, we have a broad knowledge of design and branding under our belts, along with hands-on, expert knowledge of product information management, catalogue design, print management, ecommerce and website design.

We are a unique team, all with individual abilities, traits and skills. We encourage and challenge each other every day to produce the best quality work and technical solutions for our clients.

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