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Developed for the Electrical & Construction Industry

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Product Information Management

e-Pim is a comprehensive product information management system (PIM) that manages all of your product information, attributes and assets.

What can you do in e-Pim?

e-Pim allows you to IMPORT, MANAGE, ENRICH and PUBLISH content to a wide range of distribution channels.

e-Pims user-friendly dashboards provides you with a transparent view of completeness across your product ranges with no limit to the amount product SKU’s.

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

e-Pim’s DAM software provides a safe and secure way for storing important media files, allowing you to organise, find, retrieve and share all digital content across many channels.

Anyone within your company can access files, as DAM is a part of the cloud and it eliminates the need to ask colleagues to share files or create copies as everything is available – all from a single source, helping you to scale and maintain brand consistency.

DAM benefits:

  • User friendly interface
  • Centralised Digital Library
  • Controlled user and level access
  • Efficient Asset Organisation
  • Search Functionality
  • Compatible with API’s & other software

Automated Datasheets

Datasheets are essential for product related businesses and creating hundreds of unique versions and keeping these up to date, can very labour intensive and prone to errors.

e-Pim’s automated data sheet , eliminates this problem tool keeps all of your Product Data Sheets continually up to date.

By utilising templates it is quick and easy for you to create or update a PDS and deploy it to your website, marketplaces and internally.

Connect directly with industry data…

e-Pim is unique in that it is the only PIM system in the UK providing a live product feed to LUCKINSlive. It is also ‘EDATA ready’ for when the EDA’s EDATA Pool launches.

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Data import & export

Quickly and easily import data into e-Pim from multiple sources and in any form.

e-Pim helps you to seamlessly connect with your supplier, manufacturer and other data feeds, helping you to significantly reduce workload and save time. The comprehensive Import and export routines can facilitate large updates to the Master Data. These can be in the form of API feeds from third party systems, SQL/XML Files and even Excel.

Distribution channels

You can enrich, share product data, market and sell products through various distribution channels including:

  • E-commerce websites (B2B and B2C)
  • Print & catalogue publications
  • Digital, interactive catalogues
  • Electronic data feeds
  • Trading partners
  • Mobile apps


e-Pim gives you the power to automate your work processes helping you to get your product information and digital assets to market quickly. You can easily manage the cleansing, enrichment and approval processes that ensure your product information is accurate and always available.


You can simplify and streamline your catalogue publishing process with e-Pim. The in-built publishing solution allows you to quickly and easily produce your catalogues and other printed related materials.

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e-Pim integrates with most business internal and external systems, including ERP, CMS and eCommerce, helping your business to get the most value from your product data.


e-Pim provides an online ‘Translation Management Portal’ enabling complete access and management of the translation
process. It manages the process from translation, localisation and page production, along with a translation service if required.

  • XLIFF based tooling
  • Localisation workflow automation
  • Translation memory management
  • Online and offline translation tools
  • LINK up to your translation service provider
  • Dramatically improves quality and efficiency
  • Stores all previous translations for future use

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