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Technical Specification

Will e-Pim replace my ERP/CRM System?

e-Pim integrates with your ERP and/or CRM system working as a resource library. It should be used to manage and enrich all of your product data and acts like a digitally ready database that can be easily consumed by other sources. Sales, stock control and customer relationships should still be managed using your existing systems.

What is a Rest API?

Our REST API software uses a set of rules (call functionality) that allows programs to communicate and share information. For example, if a website requires an image it will use a URL to request the information from the API and the image is sent back as the response.


What if my data is currently distributed across a variety of systems & programs?

Don’t worry, e-Pim can centralise this information. It is not unusual for a business to have more than one resource type, for example, spreadsheets, PDFs, Word documents etc. e-Pim brings all of this together so it is manageable for all. E-Pim also helps you to manage version control and auditing.

What if I need a function that doesn’t already exist in e-Pim?

If additional functionality is required, e-Pim can be customised to your specific needs. We continually improve and add new functionality to e-Pim and many of our ongoing development projects stem from actual ideas raised by existing clients, who already use e-Pim. It is important that our e-Pim system fits your specific needs and we will never try to shoehorn you into restricted functionality.

Help & Support

What support will I receive once I am onboard and using e-Pim?

As part of your annual e-Pim subscription, we will continue to support you with any assistance you need whilst using e-Pim.

Can e-Pim help to get my products ETIM and EDATA ready?

There are a number of tools that we use to get your products ETIM and EDATA ready, making it easier for you to manage and update in e-Pim.

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