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A PIM should fit your business…

5 July 2024

Remember when ERPs first started becoming a thing?

Companies forked out tens of thousands for solutions that didn’t fit their business models.


Because when something is “new and trendy” there is an assumption made that all the solutions are relatively similar.

Our customers who have transferred over to us from other PIM providers have learnt the hard way -> all PIM solutions are not the same

Here at NG15, we don’t just promote e-Pim, but we are hell bent on educating the construction industry on the DIFFERENCES between different PIM solutions.

Here are some things to consider:

  • Do you have a large product range? -> then do not choose a PIM provider that charges per SKU
  • Do you have lots of employees who will need to look at the data but not necessarily change the data -> then make sure the PIM provider has free view-only licenses
  • Realistically, are the people using the PIM technical? -> then make sure the PIM provider has good customer service
  • Do you need to be able to access and change your data quickly? -> then ensure you don’t have to go through the PIM provider to change anything
  • Do you definitely need to use all the features shown on the demo? -> then make sure you only pay for the features you need
  • Does your level of trust in the product match the price and contract tenure -> you need to ensure you are fully aware of the costings and contract length
  • Do you have product data people internally? -> the PIM provider will most likely not spur on your PIM implementation project if this isn’t happening on your end

One of the biggest pit falls companies fall into when looking for a PIM is choosing a solution that fits their budget as opposed to their business needs.

Just because you get sign off for an expensive package, doesn’t mean you necessarily need it.

Perhaps that budget could be used for staffing, other tools or on more commercial avenues like marketing?

We are the leading affordable PIM provider in the UK construction market.

Save money without sacrificing on service.

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