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Are you Master of your product Data?

3 March 2021

NG15 are increasingly helping more manufacturers to get to grips with organising their product data, so they can provide rich and accurate product content to their customers and the chain supply. To achieve this a good ‘Product Information Management’ such e-Pim is essential.

Dedicated data experts always on-hand to help you

As a manufacturer there is nobody better placed to collate and provide your product information, as you know your products better than anyone. However, it is likely that you will need some extra help when getting your data into the right format for PIM.

NG15’s data and onboarding specialist Melanie Collingham explains, “It’s all about making that extra bit of effort to get the data structure and detail right to begin with, including the product code, the correct product description, making sure you have good quality images, adding all the key attributes and other accurate specifications.

We completely understand that creating a ‘single source of truth’ may initially seem like a daunting task, especially if you have data stored in different locations or formatted in different ways. We help to smoothen your data transition by providing a structured onboarding process and work closely with you to lessen your workload. We also have some very smart ‘time-saving data tools’ which never fail to impress.

We identify and sort out any ‘fundamental product data issues’ before any imports take place and provide thorough e-Pim system training for your staff, so you can hit the ground running”.

Suzanne Adgar commented, “Our e-Pim ‘onboarding process is specifically designed to guide you through every step required to meet the highest data standard possible. Once this is reached, you can achieve excellent e-Pim performance and seamlessly distribute product data for catalogue, websites and other distribution channels that you choose. Melanie and our data experts work alongside you throughout the entire data process, helping to collate, structure and import all of your product information into e-Pim”.

Supporting you all the way:
You can contact the NG15 team at any time – there is always a dedicated advisor at the end of the phone.

Suzanne Adgar
Director / Sales & Marketing
t: 01623 886 992 / m: 07795 836194


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