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e-Pim streamlines 3LINEs first catalogue

8 January 2021

3Line Electrical Wholesale have adopted NG15’s product information management system (e-Pim), to help them create a centralised ‘single source of truth’ for all of their product data and assets.

Through e-Pim, they can also easily access a wide range of rich ‘manufacturer product information’, including images, directly from the LUCKINSlive data source, that is ready-built into e-Pim.

3Line Electrical’s (Managing Director) Keith Avenell commented; “e-Pim has given us the ability to create a single, centralised location for our product data. We have the confidence in knowing we can provide accurate, fully enriched and organised content to our customers.We can use this data-starting point to quickly scale our product offering and distribute information directly to all of our marketing channels. We have also used e-Pim to publish our first electrical wholesale catalogue ‘3.ssentials‘.

In fact, our plan had always been to provide our customers with a ‘regular essentials guide’ but to be honest, we found the idea of doing this quite daunting. With the use of e-Pim and the help of the NG15 Team, we are delighted at how easy this process has been and we were particularly impressed with Leanne, Alan and Dan who were so patient, creative and helpful”.

e-Pim is a highly versatile and valuable asset. Interested?

For further information or an e-Pim demonstration, please contact: Suzanne Adgar

e: t: 07795 836194. w:

With thanks to:

Keith Avenell – Managing Director

3.Line Electrical Wholesale

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