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Member Case Study – Elkay

9 March 2023

The Company

Elkay are well known for their quality energy saving Switches and Control products, along with their expert knowledge in Solar PV Connectors and Terminal Blocks.

Their range of Timers and Switches combine practical lighting solutions with attractive styling and multiple features, such as touch button and occupancy switches and PIR timers. The Elkay range also provides a fast-track route to achieving substantial reduction in both energy bills and carbon emissions. Elkay have ambitious plans to expand their range, their respected reputation, and global reach.

Challenge, Solution, Result. Series of Elkay Product Images

The Challenges

Elkay’s General Manager Paul Onyett explained, “After leaving the ABB business we did not have a product management solution to help us effectively manage the transfer of product data between our customers and ourselves. Often, we only had one or two spreadsheets per customer and with the number of customers requiring regular product information, this was an administrative and technical nightmare, especially when we wanted to change or update
our products.

Our customers were also regularly coming to us with their own Excel or CSV file versions that also required additions and other updates, taking up even more valuable time due to the amount of preparation required to complete these back into workable product data spreadsheets”.

The challenges Elkay faced:

Slow product data transfer process between departments & customers
 Inability to access data quickly
 Lengthy, frustrating process for updating product information
Too many spreadsheets resulting in incomplete, view of the business
Higher costs due to poor product data infrastructure
 A poor experience across the end-to-end customer journey

The Solution

After addressing the main challenge, which was finding the time to get our collated product data on to the e-Pim platform, we knew that having reached this milestone we would have far less product data to manage and ‘far more time’ to communicate important product updates directly to our customers, using the tools and channels available in e-Pim.

Now that we have all our products, attributes and images centrally located in e-Pim, it means we can be efficient and proactive in managing our customers’ needs, rather than being reactive and taking weeks to get back with the information they require.

We are now able to react quickly and provide same-day requests from our standard portfolios, stock profiles and product ranges.
Paul Onyett, Elkay

The Result

Elkay understand the importance of providing valuable, accurate, quality product information. Along with NG15’s ongoing support, they have committed time to significantly improving their product data, and have learnt how to use e-Pim effectively.

e-Pim’s in-built management tools and time saving functionalities, along with continuous guidance from NG15’s product data team, has allowed them to focus on enriching their product data to a very high standard.

The Elkay team understand that in order to keep their information up-to-date they must continue to fill any missing product gaps. They will continue to maintain and further enrich their product data, as more information becomes available. NG15 will also carry on working with Elkay, recommending product data enhancements, so their team can deliver fast, accurate, quality work to their growing audience.

Elkay are also pushing regular product updates, new product data and product images directly to LUCKINSlive. Their on-going customer requests for product data can be easily managed through e-Pim, and provided quickly on demand.

Most importantly, they are now enjoying the benefits of being able to ‘effectively manage’ their day-to-day data requirements, whilst looking ahead so they can meet (and be prepared for) any future industry demands and legislation.

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