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Dynamic Datasheets tailored to your business

Bespoke branded datasheets
8 August 2023

Our Bespoke Datasheet Journey…

In 2022, NG15 in association with Trimble Luckins won the EW Award for ‘Best Industry Initiative’ for our unique ‘Dynamic Datasheet Generation Tool’. Since then, we have continued to provide our solution free of charge to the major Buying Group members including Fegime, ANEW, AWEBB, IBA and more recently MIDA.

At that time, we knew our industry product datasheet idea would be just the beginning of a much wider initiative. We were already considering ideas as how we could customise and tailor the automation of product data further.

ew Award for Best Industry Initiative

Perhaps not surprisingly, it was our customers who led the way by asking for more ‘bespoke variations’ of our automated product datasheets, that could be tailored to their specific corporate styling and data requirements.

Introducing Dynamic Datasheets

Experience the power of our flexible approach to dynamic datasheets. With our innovative e-Pim system, any data-filled field can be utilised to create a comprehensive range of datasheets, including Technical Spec Sheets, Product Marketing Overviews, and Product Packaging Guides.

Whether you prefer to generate datasheets at SKU level or product group level, our solution caters to your specific needs. Each datasheet is designed as an A4 PDF which can be easily printed, and can be fully customised to reflect your company’s branding and product guidelines.

Here’s an outline of the different types of datasheet we can produce:

  • Technical Spec Sheet: A compilation of product attributes, icons and technical drawings to help your customer make a well informed buying decision.
  • Product Marketing Overview: Showcase your product’s unique features, benefits and captivating visuals, such as lifestyle photos, to leave a lasting impression on your audience.
  • Product Packaging Guide: Information including barcodes, packaging dimensions, pallet sizes, as well as weights and capacities.

Alternatively, combine elements from all three types to create a truly versatile datasheet that suits your specific requirements. The choice is yours.

NG15’s senior Technical Operations expert Rob Dabel took leadership of the project, pulling resources from our ‘Product Data team’ and the ‘creative arm’ of our business. Working together, they delivered a range of new bespoke dynamic datasheets based on specific product attributes, configurations, tailored customer branding and design preferences.

Rob Dabell said, “To implement dynamic bespoke product datasheets, businesses need a robust product information management system such as (e-Pim) that is capable of handling product data and generating customised documents. The product data must be well-structured and up-to-date in the database so it can provide the most accurate and relevant information to customers”. Overall, dynamic bespoke product datasheets can significantly enhance the customer experience, improve efficiency, and help businesses present their products in a more personalised and engaging manner.

Securi-Flex use e-Pim for their bespoke Datasheets

Grant Dixon of Securi-Flex commented, “By adopting e-Pim as our chosen PIM solution we have been able to fully utilise e-Pim’s Bespoke Datasheet Template feature. Working with NG15, we have been able to design our marketing and technical datasheets in a way that truly represents the Securi-Flex brand, including unique features, performance and characteristics, that clearly sets us apart from our competitors.

We’ve been thrilled with the level of customisation that NG15 have been able to accommodate, allowing us to pick and choose the information and how it is presented.”

In addition to their Datasheets, e-Pim also powers Securi-Flex’s website, customer specific Pricelists and digital publications.

As you can see from the examples presented below, it is possible to make your datasheets truly unique to your business, helping your products / business stand out from the competition. More importantly, displaying only the information that is relevant and important to you and your customers. With our unique industry experience, NG15 will work closely with you to meet your specific requirements and help you achieve the best solution, from both a design and product data led perspective.

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