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For the Excel spreadsheet hoppers…

28 June 2024

Let me read your mind and paint a familiar situation for you.


It’s Monday at 10:30am.

You’ve had your morning meeting, and you are halfway through your 3rd coffee.


Today felt like a good day. It was supposed to be a good day.

But along comes misery in the form of an email marked as *urgent*…


“Could you fill out this template ASAP for the new products we are launching next week”

“Oh, actually we’ll need you to fill out this template too….”

“Actually, do this one too, just in case”


If you have started to have nightmares of Excel spreadsheets morphing into long-winded templates that are hunting you down whilst you helplessly try to reboot your computer as they catch up (because you can’t really run in dreams can you), this is your sign to not suffer needlessly anymore.


You can shape your data into ETIM, ETIM International, BMF, NMBS (coming soon), Luckins, eData and many other template standards. We’ll even help you along the way without a ticketing service or irritating gatekeeper in the way.


Let us show you how.

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