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Great Success Story for our client D G Controls

11 November 2022

D G Controls Ltd are feeding the Construction Supply Chain with the most Accurate, high Quality Product Data.

We are delighted to announce that D G Controls Ltd are producing product data at a high standard. They have centralised their data in e-Pim, and are now ready to PUSH their product data to LUCKINSlive for Syndication. NG15 have worked closely with Jon Whitten and the DG Controls team to collate and consolidate their information, ensuring they can manage ‘all of their product lines’ in e-Pim, and provide the most up-to-date information to their customers.

Join NG15 for an online demonstration to see how e-Pim can help you to Control, Manage, Organise, Enrich and Distribute your data through Product Data Syndication.

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