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Meet Luckins & NG15 online to get Data-Fit

Luckins Live - ng15
13 April 2021

Luckins and PIM specialists NG15, are providing a series of ‘online webinars’ to support electrical manufacturers and wholesalers with their digitalisation journey.

Much more to Luckins Data than meets the eye
When you meet with ‘Luckins data experts’ online, you will see that there is much more to their data than just pricing. They will reveal how you can benefit by tapping into their ‘enriched attribute data’ and other key data services, helping you to accelerate your digitalisation journey.

You will discover how Luckins are helping customers with ETIM Classification and why they are collaborating with leading PIM provider NG15 Ltd, who will explain why investing in a PIM system (such as NG15’s e-Pim solution), is an essential tool for helping to structure, manage, maintain, automate and distribute product content to all of your marketing channels.

Your Questions are important to us…
Most importantly we want to hear from you. We have allowed ‘plenty of time’ for answering your important data questions.

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Each online session will consist of a 25-minute presentation, followed by 45-mins totally dedicated for your questions.

  • Learn more about Luckins data (more than you may realise)
  • Meet the Luckins key data experts (face to face)
  • Digitalisation, why you need to embrace it and how
  • The importance of making your business ‘data-fit’ for the future
  • The benefits of a PIM system and why it is essential for digitalising your business

We have had some great feedback from our first sessions. As expected, people are generally concerned about the amount of work involved in becoming digitally fit, and ‘not aware’ of the help that can be made available.

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