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NEW & Improved e-Pim User Guides Launched

e-Pim User Guide Updates
7 July 2023

Your NEW e-Pim User Guides are ready and waiting for you…

NG15 are pleased to announce that we have added a set of four ‘e-Pim User Guides’.

You can find these at the top right-hand-side of your User Dashboard. Simply click the ‘User Guides’ button (see A) and select from the drop down which guide you would like to view (see B).

Our ‘new’ e-Pim User Guides are a valuable resource and will help to support you by providing the information you need to effectively get the best out of our leading industry PIM solution.

User Guide button on Dashboard

Our new e-Pim User Guides are:

User Guide Covers 1

User Guide Covers 2

(C) – Digital Asset Management (DAM)
How to create Asset Folders

(D) – Managing Product Data
How to add products from LUCKINSlive

(E) – Managing Product Data
How to manage Channel Data

(F) – Managing Product Data
How to manage Product Groups & SKUs

We have used clear and concise language (avoiding technical jargon whenever possible). Our step-by-step instructions will help e-Pim users to quickly understand and easily follow the processes.

We have also incorporated plenty of visual reference including screenshots, diagrams, and illustrations to enhance your user guide experience. We have included visuals to support our textual instructions to help make the more complex tasks easier to follow.

The content is broken up into manageable sections with headings, bullet points, and numbered lists to improve readability.

As e-Pim evolves over time, we will regularly update our e-Pim User Guides to reflect any changes or new features. We will also continue to alert you with regular email updates, tips and recommendations.

e-Pim User Guide Page examples

User Feedback…

NG15 are always very interested to hear about any ‘user feedback’ and ideas for any improvements we can make to our e-Pim User Guides. If you can identify any areas that need improvement or additional clarification, please let us know by emailing

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