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The importance of PIM for building well-structured product data

4 June 2021

Product Data Responsibility

Since the COVID pandemic, businesses have had to adapt to changing buying behaviours. The commercial experiences we are used to for B2C (purchasing options for in-store, online, web shops, etc.) are now being expected within the B2B world.

The main driver for these changes is ‘digitalisation’ and is the foundation for building good quality, accurate, well-structured product data.

Construction manufacturers have a responsibility to ensure they provide the supply chain (wholesalers, distributors and contractors) with the confidence in knowing that all product data is of the highest quality, up-to-date and fully enriched at all times. Without enriched product data, your customers and contractors will struggle to make ‘quality decisions’ and ultimately choose alternative products and suppliers.

Conforming with legislation and ETIM

It is paramount that the construction industry places emphasis on complete product transparency, traceability and accountability, and along with new building legislation and the increasing traction for product classification such as ETIM – there has never been a better time to get organised. Your business also needs to be more versatile and adaptable, so it can meet the demands of the ‘ever connected digital world’.

Data is valuable

Although data is an extremely valuable business asset, many manufacturers still have little or no product data strategy in place and they can be somewhat reluctant to embrace digitalisation. With product data often held within multitudes of spreadsheets and across various departments, obtaining and updating this information can be very problematic, timely and resource heavy. There is also no consistent way of governing when product data is inaccurate, incomplete or outdated.

So, what is PIM and why do I need it?

PIM stands for Product Information Management and allows construction manufacturers to store, enrich and manage complex product information in ‘one central place’, streamlining the process of updating and managing accurate information throughout multiple sales and marketing channels.

Our product information management system e-Pim, provides the perfect way to build a solid product information foundation, allowing you to supply well-structured, ‘data-fit’ product information directly to your supply chain. It has also been specifically developed for use within the Electrical and Construction industry.

Why use e-Pim?

Implementing e-Pim into your digitalisation strategy will enable you to transition from manual, archaic and disconnected processes of managing and supplying consumer-facing production information to a centralised hub, allowing you to consolidate, manage, enrich, classify and distribute across multiple internal and external channels.

Up to 80% of manual tasks can become automated, allowing your team to focus on exploring other sales and marketing opportunities. New sales channels become instantly accessible (once your data has been fully enriched in e-Pim), cutting down the need to produce duplicate information.

e-Pim allows you to:

> Centralise, categorise and sanitise data
> Automate manual, tedious and repetitive tasks
> Control all product information collaboratively
> Track progress and product completeness in real time
> Link images, documents and media to products
> Fully enrich product data
> Format product data for multi-channel syndication
> Manage relationships between products
> Delegate product management and content approvals
> Create and publish (online and offline) product catalogues
> Create automated product datasheets
> Build custom product feeds (API data-feeds)
> ETIM classify and adhere to data governance

The benefits of using our e-Pim software solution:

> One single source of truth
> Integrates with your internal business systems (ERP, CRM etc)
> Grow your product range and reduce time-to-market
> Move into global markets with e-Pim’s translation tools
> Deliver a consistent brand and positive customer experience
> Integrated Digital Asset Management (DAM)
> Build an omni-commerce customer experience
> Save time and effort whilst reducing costs
> See tangible business benefits very quickly
> Web based solution – be up and running with e-Pim in as little as 24 hours
> Affordable for all

e-Pim – Industry benefits

Fully enriched product data allows Architects, Developers and Construction engineers to make better informed decisions at the product specification stage. Using e-Pim, the manufacturer has peace of mind in knowing that these decision makers will be supplied with consistent and up-to-date product information at all times. Data flow from manufacturer to end-user is also automated and uninterrupted, whilst errors, omissions and inefficient processes are eliminated.

Future fit for legislation

The construction industry will soon be required to incorporate more detailed product information as more guidelines appear for ‘green’, safety and legal regulations. Manufacturers will be required to provide detailed product information to their customers and to their marketplaces to get recognised as a ‘key supplier’. To handle this data, product information management systems (such as e-Pim) will become imperative for the governing and maintaining of high volumes of product data.

Help is at hand

NG15’s data specialists will work with you from the outset. We’ll help you to cleanse and correctly structure your data ready for e-Pim. We pride ourselves on not just being another PIM provider but a strategic partner with an invested interest in delivering solutions that align to your business objectives.

As an EDATA Tech-mate and LUCKINSlive Integration Partner, NG15 has cemented itself as the leading PIM provider for the Electrical and Construction industry.

ETIM – are you ready?

Our data experts along with e-Pim’s integrated ETIM Classification tools, also assist you in configuring your product data towards the ‘ETIM data model’, which is fast becoming the industry standard.

Our data specialists are on hand to answer any questions you may have on digitalisation, data modelling, ETIM classification and e-Pim.

Why not arrange for an e-Pim demonstration and we’ll show you how your business can reap the rewards of using PIM and how you can get your business fit for the digital age.

“Leverage your single source of truth to drive your business forward.”

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