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Timeguard Profile: In The Press – Electrical Times

3 August 2022
Article below: NG15 and Trimble LUCKINS featured in the the August 2022 issue of Electrical Times. We discuss how Timeguard have benefitted from adopting our ‘Product Data Syndication’ Platform.

Timeguard: Reaping big rewards from e-Pim and Product Data Syndication

By adopting Trimble LUCKINS & NG15 Ltd’s Product Data Syndication Platform, Timeguard are sharing their product data to multiple sales portals, marketplaces, whilst delivering traceability and compliance. Suzanne Adgar, director of NG15, explains their journey

Timeguard’s product range was stored within several internal systems and managed across the business by different departments, making it more difficult to manage and track who was making changes. The arduous task of controlling data internally and externally was even harder without sufficient processes in place for when product data was requested. It was a very time-consuming task to then pull it all together and maintain consistency and compliance.

Managing and storing the data in this fragmented way was impacting on efficiency, time and cost. Their product data, still growing at an increasingly fast rate, meant they needed a simpler, more efficient way for managing data. They needed to be more responsive to their ‘customers needs’, whilst improving data accessibility and traceability requirements.

NG15’s product information management solution (e-Pim) provided Timeguard with a single location to store and manage all product information and assets. They can now quickly add new products, replicate data in any format on request, connect different pieces of information together, and easily track and monitor all product data changes.

e-Pim’s in-built ETIM Classification tool allows Timeguard to significantly speed up the processes involved in standardising product data, and swiftly share this valuable information to customers, distributors and industry data providers. With e-Pim’s automated datasheet tool, Timeguard have the ability and power to quickly create product specification sheets on-the-fly, saving valuable time and money. Most importantly, e-Pim has created product consistency, so they can confidently share product data across their marketing channels, ensuring a great customer experience.

Trimble LUCKINS and NG15’s ‘Product Data Syndication Platform’, has enabled Timeguard to efficiently meet the requirements of their customers for more enriched data. They can provide fully attributed data, product images, datasheets, various classification systems, and deliver it in numerous formats. Also, with product traceability fast becoming an important part of the delivery supply chain, they can meet this standard.

Tré Warner, Timeguard’s Marketing Executive describes his vision and realisation of the project.“Ensuring our customer base has access to the latest, accurate details for our product ranges is important to Timeguard, and because of this we were keen to invest to ensure we were industry leading. Capturing our information and centralising it within e-Pim ensured, as a business, we were in full control of our data.

One of our key objectives was to ensure this data was continuously fed into the hands of our customers without adding additional burden to our growing business. Utilising the combined e-Pim and LUCKINSlive platform, has allowed us to simply press a button and publish the data to multiple channels.

Passing on product data across various customer channels has never been so simple. Pushing our data directly via e-Pim to the LUCKINSlive delivery platform means that we do not need to worry about the various formats, and any industry standards are taken care of for us. Our data is also synchronised for use in numerous ERP, Wholesaler Websites and purchasing portals as well as Contractor systems, all at the press of a button. Both Trimble LUCKINS and NG15 helped us to break down barriers, allowing for streamlined product presentation across all sectors of the business.”

Timeguard have already started to realise the benefits and value of their investment, and are delivering and maintaining better quality data for their product portfolio. They are also benefitting from efficient internal workflow processes, positioning themselves for future growth, and focusing their efforts on ensuring a great service for all customers.

The Data Flow Journey

A - Manufacturers

Become true custodians of product information with e-Pim. Organise, enrich and control the release of product data more effectively, reach audiences quickly and bring new products to market more efficiently. Changes made to products are PUSHED and seamlessly updated through an automated process.


Data is validated against the last data published, mapped to numerous data standards and classifications, and published in numerous formats, for use in multiple channels.

C - Distributors

Guaranteed delivery of complete data and a consistent product experience. The most up-to-date product data is easily consumed and available for populating across all sales channels.

D - Contractors

Well informed buying decisions can be made. Guaranteed accurate product specifications, images and automated product datasheets for complete product traceability.

What to do next…

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