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Why you should be looking for a PIM solution?

27 December 2020

If you are an electrical manufacturer you are probably sharing product information with wholesalers and customers in a variety of different ways.

You probably also understand that it can take months to get a price change out to distributors and retailers in the traditional way. With ‘e-Pim’, our electrical-focused product information management system, you can have it all at the ‘click of a button’.
e-Pim allows you to store all of your product data in one place in a consistent format allowing you to ‘share it directly’ with your wholesaler customers. Every time you have a change in your data, you can easily login to e-Pim, make your changes and instantly update it with your customers and directly to your other marketing channels, making the job of managing manufacturer data easier, and faster.

Wondering what to do about ETIM Classification?

No problem. We can also assist you in assembling your product information and can provide help with mapping your data for ‘ETIM Classification’.
Here are just a few of the e-Pim key business benefits…
• Centralise all your product data and assets
• Create, maintain and update product information
• Share and publish to all media channels (including your ecommerce shop)
• Speed up and reduce the cost of your catalogue production
• Automate datasheets
• Translate into any language
• ETIM Classification mapping
• E-Pim is ‘web based software’ – so no tricky instalment necessary

NG15 would like to show you how we can help you to get your product data into e-Pim and how easy it is to use…
Please feel free to get in touch to find out more:

NG15 Ltd: Suzanne Adgar
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